Moonclad Jewellery is designed and made by myself, Louise Robson.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade at my jewellers bench using traditional silversmithing techniques meaning that no two pieces are the same.


My jewellery is inspired by the natural world.  I try to capture the essence of the night sky and the landscapes around us - the Peak District and the woodland on my doorstep. I am particularly drawn to water. Much of my work is inspired by rivers, the sea, water drops, teardrops. 

I am fascinated by shapes and textures in nature and how the play of light and shadow can alter our perceptions and the mood of what is around us. This is expressed in my designs with the use of textures and different, often contrasting finishes.

My aim is to create jewellery which is tactile. Jewellery which is elegant yet still earthy and organic. Above all I hope that my jewellery is enjoyed and holds some meaning for the wearer.

I hope you enjoy looking,